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Create top quality feminized seeds using our
pure and powerful growth hormone.

    With standard un-feminized seeds the male to female ratio is usually about 50/50. When you plant feminized seeds all the plants are female. The advantages to this are obvious. Our pre measured growth hormone is a safe non toxic naturally occurring growth hormone found in almost all plants. It is used in the commercial growing of vegetables and fruits everyday. Without it we would not have seedless grapes. Our pre measured formula will promote cell elongation, however when mixed at the exact dosage it will do an amazing thing. Misting the tips of the growing shoots not the leaves of the female cannabis plant it will suppress the production of ethylene causing the female plant to produce male flowers. The flowers will contain no male chromosomes, only xx. This pollen when applied to a female plant will produce feminized seeds, 100 percent female. And here is the best part, you do not have to pollinate the entire female plant. by brushing pollen onto a single female flower you will produce HUNDREDS OF SEEDS. The rest of the plant will remain unchanged. Kept in the refrigerator your seeds will insure harvests for years to come.

Effective and quick!

Home grown seeds

Our state of the art process is time tested for proven results. Supplies needed are, 500 milliliter bottled drinking water , 1 spray bottle, and your female plant. Safe for use indoors. No odor!

Simply pour the 500 milliliter bottled drinking water into a clean sprayer. Accuracy is very important..this is why we supply pre measured packets so there is no room for error. Pour the entire contents of the pre measured formula into 500 milliliter bottled drinking water. Tighten the lid and shake vigorously for 5 seconds.

Lightly mist the tips of the branches on the plant you wish to treat. Don't soak it, a light mist is all that is necessary. Do this once a day for 5 consecutive days. After the fifth day of treatment put your plant into the flowering cycle by changing the lights to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE!

Our product is not harmful at all. It is used in all kinds of commercial farms to produce larger fruits.

If you should choose to experiment please remember to keep accurate records for duplication. Gibberellic acid is safe and non toxic however, although GA-3 is completely safe when used as directed, use on plants only. MJfemseed.com excepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product. Please feel free to contact us with your results. We would love to post your success stories.

Mission statement
"To make possible the preservation and creation of the finest hybrid strains on the planet..."

  • Personal strains In just 3 simple steps you can create your own feminized pollen which can be used to make literally hundreds and hundreds of seeds of your own personal strain.
  • Simple to follow The MJ Fem Seed process is easy to follow. Our pure safe food grade powerful growth hormone. So a little bit goes a long way. It's very important to get all of the supplied ingredients into a simple spray bottle.
    Just follow the simple supplied instructions exactly and you will be assured of complete success.
  • Seeds for just pennies Make 200 seeds for 10 dollars. The trend in purchasing feminized seeds has the cost going UP! Over $10.00 each. Your own seeds will cost you about a 5 cents a seed? That's around $2,000 worth of seeds for only $10.
  • Other usesSeed germination, Soaking in our solution has been known to germinate 2000 year old seeds! if you have stubborn seeds that just won't germinate try a pre measured solution soak. The way it works is the seed contains a long chain glucose as a seed starch. When using an exact formula it turns on an enzyme that breaks down the starch that fuels the seed germination. Soak the seeds for 24 hours , remove them from the solution and attempt to germinate as normal.

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